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BCA Auctions

Provides auctions for various vehicle types including classic car, sports car and commercial vehicles. 

How to buy from British Car Auctions


Buying from auctions is simple and a whole new experience. British Car Auction (BCA) has developed an easy to use system for your next vehicle purchase. Buying at a BCA auction is fast, easy, convenient … and rewarding.



BCA auctions Grading



The grade is the overall assessment of the car given to it by the Japanese car auction house’s own assessors. The purpose of the grade is to give you a quick idea of the general condition of the car or vehicle. However, it is not enough to base your final bidding decision on: There will be a range of different quality levels within each grade, so a car that is classified as a grade 4 may be almost a grade 4.5 in quality terms, or it may be only just above a grade 3.5. 




BCA Auctions Expenses



BCAis  bringing together buyers and sellers for nearly 70 years. Starting in 1946 as Southern Counties Car Auctions, we were one of the first companies to let people across the UK buy and sell a wide range of cars at auction, from budget runarounds to exotic imports.


BCA Auction Lists


Auctions list provide all information regarding vehicle that are about to be auuctioned

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