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Importing procedure

The import process using Autocy is simple and easy.


For the sake of clarity and in order to serve as an illustration, AutoCy have prepared a typical Sourcing Process Schedule* following a successful auction bid:



Day 1

AutoCy inform client that your previous night’s bid has been successful. We will inform the customer with full procedural details regarding information about payments received, shipping dates and general updates from AutoCy team. Client should make payment for vehicle in Japan at this early stage to avoid delays.



Day 3-5

Once payment clears in Japan, vehicle deregistration process commences and vehicle is assigned on the next available vessel.



Day 6-45

Vehicle in transit in Japan warehouse AND shipped to Cyprus

(Subject to shipping space availability)



Day 47

Client pays Customs and Shipping for clearance of vehicle in Cyprus



Day 49

Vehicle is ready for collection at port Clients or traders.



Day 49-55

  • AutoCy collects vehicle from port

  • SVA

  • MOT (if applicable)

  • Register, tax & plate


*N.B. Although the majority of our vehicles are on time and keep to this schedule, occasionally there are circumstances – such as weather – that may cause a delay. Further the schedule is dependent on shipping spaces being available. Overall we believe this to be an accurate time scale to source a vehicle with AutoCy. AutoCy will not be held liable for any delays whatever. See full Terms and Conditions.



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Shipping is critical for delivering cars as we promised

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