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How to Buy from BCA

Buying from auctions is simple and a whole new experience. British Car Auction (BCA) has developed an easy to use system for your next vehicle purchase. Buying at a BCA auction is fast, easy, convenient … and rewarding.





Best of all, BCA will guide you through the process, so you’ve got all the support you need to make the right decision.

  • Register on BCA website to view vehicles, an award-winning online vehicle search facility.  Register now

  • Vehicle search. You can preview around 10,000 used cars and vans available for auction and search for the exact make and model you want. 

       Login to view cars

  • Find the car you are interested and check the BCA reports. We are based on the reports that BCA introduced. We buy with confidense due to the transparency provided from the reports. More information about Condition Grades.


  • Tell which car(s) you are interested. We are here to discuss about your next car purchase. You need to prepare a short list of cars so we can thorouly examine the car condition. We will tell you also about the guide prices. Please remember that we providing full transparency for buyers by providing auctions closing prices and expenses.


  • Let us now make the calculations. We will tell exactly how much it will cost you to import your next vehicle. Please remeber that we use a transparent pricing strategy for the end-customer. We will provide you with all invoices from the auction purchase price to shipping and registration costs. More information about Costings.


  • Ready to bid. When you finally decide which car(s) you will bid, we will prepare for the bidding procedure at the specified dates. At that point you will waiting for the results of the auction. 


  • Purchase a car. When we purchase a car from BCA auctions we will then provide you with the relavant invoices to make the money transfer direct to the auction, inland transportation shipping etc.


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