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Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers.


What is Auction System?

Japanese used car auction system is best mode to buy used cars. In this system everyday hundreds of cars comes for sale and members can buy used cars by bidding and can export as per overseas customer's order. You can choose your interested car from our auction list which is daily updated.


How often updated auction list?

We update our auction list everyday and provide information on more then 70000 vehicles per week to get a huge choice to buy cars in auction. This is very fast and economical way to buy cars from Japan. We do hardwork to updated our auction list everyday to provide best service to our customers.


How to get estimate of cars in Auction?

From our latest developed system you can calculate your estimate cost of each car before order for bidding. Our system include commission, auction fee, transportaion, freight etc. After estimate you can order for bidding.


How to bid in auction?

You can place order for bidding in auctions from our website. We provide complete information about each vehicle available in auction. After getting your confirm order our executive will bid in auction as per your order. If you bid is successful then we will send confirmation by e-mail or phone call.


How to buy car from your Japanese auction system through your website?

You can buy any car from us through Japanese Auctions.


What is Advance for Auction?

The amount needed as a deposit to bid in auction. We bid for cars only for those who have deposited security in advance. This amount is refundable and adjustable in purchase.


Can I purchase a used car with confidence even though I haven’t seen it myself?

There is no need for concern. Auction houses has developed a carefully structured vehicle inspection system that is strictly applied to every car submitted for auction. Cars are evaluated based on grade inspection system. There is no need to personally look over cars because these inspection results are an accurate and reliable reflection of each vehicle’s true condition.


What is offer/bid price?

Bid/budget/offer price is your price in which you want to buy that car (cif value). Generally auction start prices are very low and several members bids so a reasonable amount should be for bidding. If you will order for very low then you might not get the vehicle.


How frequently are auctions held?

There are lots of auctions and most of them held everyday and pick selected vehicle as per our customers requirement. If you do not find your vehicle of interest, please let us know. We will upload that types of vehicles in next auction day.


How to get market price?

You can decide market price of your country on calculation on kilometer, year, auction grade, model, brand & equipment. Some time auction start prices are "0" or very low. If you will place bid price reasonable/market then it is possible to get vehicle from auction.


How to check vehicle auction sheet?

Generally auction sheets are in Japanese language but you can still read some values as we have explaned in our example page. We have also translated in english most of things.


What to do after successful bids?

If your offer price is successful bid then you have to deposit balance (cif) amount of the vehicle by TT to our company. After receiving payment we will ship your vehicle. In case of failure to deposit balance amount then your security amount will be lapsed and we can sale that vehicle to other customer.


What is our commission per unit?

For estimate of your desired vehicle, please click on Choices & Costs and follow the instruction and get estimates/quotation of your interested vehicles. It will show all charges like our commission, customer charges, auction fee, freights charges etc.


What if my bid was higher than car you purchased from auction?

In that case we will charge you only original price for example. If you asked us to buy Toyota Corrola for Japanese Yen 200,000 but final successful bid was Japanese Yen 185,000 then we will charge you only Japanese Yen 185,000.



How To Make Payment?

We accept all payment via bank transfer only. We do not accept any payment by credit card and other mode. So please make wire transfer only in our supplier’s bank account. This transaction is made under our cooperation and supervision, so that we ensure that the transfer is safe. Please note that all bank transfer charges will be paid by customer.


Do you accept Credit Cards?

Credit card payment is currently NOT available for car or parts order.


Do you deal with foreign currencies?

Currently, you can pay only in Japanese Yen. T/T can only be done in Japanese Yen.


Do you accept L/C?

No. Currently, we accept payment only by T/T.


What is your bank account info?

We will inform you of our bank account information during the purchasing process.


How can I see the prices in my currency?

You can convert Japanese Yen to other currencies at this currency converter


What are your payment terms?

Payments must be made in Japanese yen by T.T. (Telegraphic Transfer, Wire Transfer) We will send you our bank account information upon receiving your order. 

Do you offer credit?

No, we do not. Your car will be shipped after receipt of your payment is confirmed by our Japanese bank.



How much is shipping charge?

Please calculate shipping charges from our freight calculator system. You can also get quotation/estimate cost of the cars before order for bidding. We are first company in Japan to provide this unique service to our customers.


Would you please give me ship schedule information?

Please click on the sites of the shipping companies mentioned below.


I would like to insure my shipment in transit.

Insurance is included in the cost of shipping.


Can I insure my shipment?

Insurance is included in the cost of shipping.


How long it will take to reach car?

It may take about 4 to 5 weeks after car leaves Japanese port we use best shipping company for desitnation port as per services. We have tie-up with different shipping companies for different destination ports.



Can I buy a car as a private car buyer?

You can make the import as a private car buyer.


Can I buy car directly from your site?

From our website you can see the available vehicles in auction and you can order for bids. We will bid the desired vehicles on your behalf in related auction.


Do you give any warranty for the vehicles?

Yes. Please Warrant details.

I would like to know the correct date and time in Japan.

Every page has the date and time on it, but that is not always the correct time. For the correct date and time.


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