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Japanese car auctions

By using the Japanese auction reports we all have piece of mind and providing transparency to the customer. Autocy imports Japan cars, trucks, buses, SUVs and vans from over 115 Japanese car auction locations.

The Japanese used car auctions are a place where dealers, not the public, sell used and new vehicles.  


Are they a place where anyone in the Japanese public can go and buy a car?

Only dealers registered in Japan have the rights to attend and bid on vehicles.  However, it is very common for a dealer to take the public, including foreign buyers, into the auctions.  Often you will be required to wear an ID identifying you as one of the "employees" of dealers company.  The auctions know foreign buyers are a major (30 to 40% of sales) influence to the selling price of vehicles in the auctions. We as a company managed to partner with such dealers and we are able to buy cars from the Japanese auctions.


How many vehicles go through the Japanese auctions?

During peak months (March and April) there may be up to 150,000 cars and trucks per week going through these auctions. During the quieter periods (January, August and December) the number would be about 100000 cars.  


Who supplies these auctions?

Supply of vehicles to the Japanese car auctions comes from various sources.  The main source for the "Maker" auctions such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan are traded-in vehicles.  The second supply of vehicles comes from the normal used car dealer network.  

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